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Is your roof giving you persistent problems? Are you having to do more expensive roof repairs more frequently? If ‘yes’ is your answer to any of these questions, you are in need of a roof replacement.

BBB A+ rated roofing contractors logoTo most homeowners, roof replacement may sound like a stressful undertaking. However, if you choose the right roofing contractor to do the job, this won’t be the case. And, that’s exactly what Hestia Home Services — one of the leading roofing companies in Houston — does for you. We have years of experience, proven expertise, and an inventory well-stocked with the latest tools. We are equipped to carry out roof replacement projects that deliver the best possible outcomes with the least amount of hassle.

Whether you need to replace the entire roof or just minor repairs and routine maintenance, our friendly and reliable team is more than happy to help. No matter what type of roof you have — concrete tile, wood shake, shingle, rubberized roof or any other type — you can count on us for exceptional quality of workmanship at every step of your roofing project. Some of the star features of our roof replacement service includes:

  • Experience 20+ Years Happy Customers

    Fast, seamless, and hassle-free service.

  • Track Record and Expertise

    Insurance claims assistance, we know how it works!

  • By-Far Most Value

    Thorough inspection and maintenance… More value, extend the life of your roof!

  • Hestia Commitment to Excellence

    A zero obligation quote… We are here to help and earn your trust!

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Roof Replacement – Reliable, Fast, & Affordable BBB A+ Rated.

Roofing Cntractors Houston What You Need To Know

When you hire us as your roofing contractor, you are not just getting an experienced contractor that delivers the results that you need. You are getting a BBB A+ rated complete roofing solution provider that will keep your roof in great condition for many years.

You are sure to see how big of a difference a fast, straightforward and hassle-free service can make in your overall experience.

If you want us to be roof replacement contractor, the process is simple. Once you contact us, we provide you with a roofing estimate. This will help you get a better idea about the expense you’re likely to go through.

Then, our roofing specialists will visit your home and evaluate the current condition of your roof. After examining your roof and the extent of damage, we will sit down with you to discuss the replacement options best suited to your needs.

What Hestia's Customers Think...

From Home Advisor:
“Very professional, fair pricing, responsive, truly high quality work, very knowledgeable, offers great suggestions, & he is truly a great guy to work with.”

From The BBB:
“The workers do very professional work and got the job done in a timely manner. I was completely satisfied with the completed work and would recommend Hestia Home Services to anyone needing work done on their home.”

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Roofing Contractors – Replacement Cost

The situation where you need to replace the entire roof may arise due to a lot of reasons. Some of them are:

• Poor quality of work done by your previous contractor
• Ignoring the signs of damage (such as buckling shingles or damaged flashing) at an early stage
• Allowing small issues to become full-blown problems

The cost of a new roof may be worth it when it prevents further damages and costly roof repairs down-the-road. In fact, if you take into account the money you have to spend on recurrent fixes, roof replacement may turn out to be less expensive than you think. Also, design related issues can be expensive to fix. In such cases, replacing the roof makes more practical sense.

At Hestia Home Services, we specialize in replacing all types of roof. To learn more about our competitively-priced replacement services, contact us for a quote.

Roof Contractors – Replacement Lasts For How Long

Our roof replacement service not only involves skilled workmanship, but also high-quality products and roofing materials that are designed for long-lasting roofs. With every installation, our goal is make sure that the new roof withstands even the harshest conditions and lasts for a very long time. Our warranty provides peace of mind. These are just some of the features that make us the most preferred roofing contractors for homeowners across Moody Park, Reliant Park, Houston Theater District, Mason Park and other areas in Houston.

Our Roofing Contractors  Services

If you’ve been looking for a roofing contractor that you can rely on for high-quality and long-term roof replacement solutions, then Hestia Home Services is the name you can trust. We have been serving in and around the ‘Loop 610’ area in Houston for 20 + years, delivering all types of roofing services to the Houston TX community.

What Hestia Home Services Clients Say:

“Their customer service from beginning to end is top notch and was definitely the reason we decided to hire them. They stood out above others by a mile in this department. The estimate was presented in person and explained in detail what was going to be done. During the repair/construction phase the Project Manager (Brian) ALWAYS answered my calls or responded to emails within an hour. He also often popped in to check in on the job. They exceeded our expectations in this department. They made sure that the work was done right, and they were responsive to any concerns or questions that we had.”

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