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Houston roof replacement BBB A+ rated logo A strong roof above your head makes your home a safe haven for your family. Being continuously exposed is to weather extremes, your roof accumulates signs of damage over the years. Sometimes the damage is too much, and you have no option but to opt for roof replacement. When that happens, you should hire only a trusted and reputed contractor like Hestia Home Services.

At Hestia, we pride ourselves at building roofs that hold strong for decades. Our experience and expertise allows us to build roofs you’ll never have a problem with. We replace any kind of roof, from concrete tile, rubberized, wood shake, asphalt shingle or any other.

★★★★★ HomeAdvisor Review

“They did an amazing job, very professional, polite, did excellent work and always with a smile on their face’s.”

“They were on time, finished when they said they would, very trustworthy, and did a excellent job.”

★★★★★ BBB Review

“The workers do very professional work and got the job done in a timely manor with no discomfort to me. i was completely satisfied with the completed job and would recommend them to anyone needing some work done on their home.”

★★★★★ HomeAdvisor Review

“He is very good and professional, does excellent quality work, and I would highly recommend him to all.”

“Very friendly, on time, did a great job, cleaned up everything, and I’m very happy with the results.”

Why Roof Replacement

Old Roof. If you have an asphalt roof which is more than 30 years old, it’s time to replace it, even though it may look alright.

Curling Shingles. Curling shingles are a sign of weathering. Shingles curl up, known as ‘cupping’ or the middle comes up with the edges still flat, known as ‘clawing’. Damaged shingles can lead to leaking roofs. And when water gets in, your roof damage will go from minor to major.

Missing Shingles. When a few shingle curl or some shingles are missing, you can replace them, though the color wouldn’t match. Still, it’s better than replacing the entire roof until a lot of your shingles are damaged. It’s better to go for a roof replacement at this point of time to avoid a roof that looks like a patchwork.

Cracked Shingles. Shingles crack due to wind damage. Once you see cracked shingles all over your roof, you should not think about roof repair but get your roof replaced by established roofing contractors such as Hestia.

Sagging Roof. Sagging indicates that there is a structural problem with your roof. You might be in danger, so you must get your roof inspected by roof replacement experts and start planning on when you should replace the roof. Also, if you have seen bald spots in your roof where granules are missing, then it’s another sign that your roof needs replacing.

How Hestia Roofing Can Help

Roof replacement is a serious investment on your part, which is why you’d want a roof that will last for years without giving you any problems. Our roof replacement services ensure that you will have the strongest roof possible, built with highest quality materials.

At Hestia, we have hands-on experience of replacing roofs for over 20 years in Houston, and our expertise has earned us a BBB A+ rating. When you hire us as your Houston roofing contractor, you can rest assured — you’re in good hands.

What Hestia Home Services Clients Say:

“Their customer service from beginning to end is top notch and was definitely the reason we decided to hire them. They stood out above others by a mile in this department. The estimate was presented in person and explained in detail what was going to be done. During the repair/construction phase the Project Manager (Brian) ALWAYS answered my calls or responded to emails within an hour. He also often popped in to check in on the job. They exceeded our expectations in this department. They made sure that the work was done right, and they were responsive to any concerns or questions that we had.”

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