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One of the major building components of your home is, in many ways, also one of the most fragile. We’re talking about your roof. And, because it remains exposed to the elements of nature, it is susceptible to expansion, severe weathering, and contraction — factors that can cause your roof to develop cracks, splits, and water leakage problems.

BBB A+ rated roof repair Houston TX logoAs a homeowner, a damaged roof is one of those issues that can rob you of your sleep. It not only undermines your home’s value but also threatens your safety. Hestia Home Services provides top-quality roof repair services that can eliminate your roofing troubles and put your mind at ease.

We are a BBB A+ rated company that takes pride in being the #1 choice for customers and homeowners in neighborhoods across Moody Park, Reliant Park, Houston Theatre District, Mason Park and other areas in Houston. With trained and highly experienced roofing contractor specialists on our team, we are specialized in repairing all types of roofs — concrete tile, wood shake, slate, steel/metal, and asphalt composition. Our roof repair services include:

  • 24-hours Emergency Leak Repair Service

    BBB A+ rated we do Houston roof repair fast and right the first time.

  • Inspection of Your Roof’s Current Conditions

    20+ years performing roof repair inspections in Houston TX for insurance purposes.

  • Early Diagnosis and Quick Fixes to Prevent Bigger Problems

    The biggest mistake homeowners make is waiting too long to call in the pros!

  • Repairs of All Kinds

    Shingles, flashing, gutters, and masonry with the best-in-class equipment.

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Emergency Roof Repair Service

BBB A+ Rated Fast Emergency Roof Repairs.

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Roofing & Siding Repair & Replace Houston TX

Roof Leak Repair Service

Roof Leak Repair – Fast & Affordable BBB A+ Rated.

Hestia Home Improvement Pros

Roof issues often go unnoticed until they turn into bigger problems. This happens because your roof is the most ‘out of sight’ component of your home. Chances are, you’ll start noticing the problems only when they have become obvious. This is why it’s recommended that you inspect your roof on a regular basis.

Of course, when doing it on your own, you may miss out on those small signs of damage that a professional eye is trained to catch. If these small issues are taken care of when they start showing, it can help you avoid more expensive repairs or complete replacement.

When you hire Hestia Houston Home Improvements for roof inspections, you can be assured that with every inspection we’re helping you delay the larger expense of needing to replace the entire roof. The small repairs that we do includes caulking around a skylight, repairing the flashing, or fixing the damaged shingles. These repairs can prevent other issues — and expenses — that can stem from a faulty roof.

What Hestia's Customers Think...

From Home Advisor:
“Very professional, fair pricing, responsive, truly high quality work, very knowledgeable, offers great suggestions, & he is truly a great guy to work with.”

From The BBB:
“The workers do very professional work and got the job done in a timely manner. I was completely satisfied with the completed work and would recommend Hestia Home Services to anyone needing work done on their home.”

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Roof Repair and Inspection Services That Can Prevent Costly Expenses

The most common roof repair issues include water damage to the rafters, ceiling joists, roof beams, carpeting, flooring and depletion of your home’s insulation resulting in higher utility bills. Timely repairs not only prevent these problems from occurring, but also protect your home from stubborn mold infestation. Our roof repair and inspection services can help you stay one step ahead of your roofing troubles. Contact us to get a quote today!

Get Advantage of One of Houston’s Most Trusted Roofing Solutions

No matter what type of roof you have, problems will arise if your previous roofing contractor did not use the right skills, technique, and/or equipment needed to get the job done. Very often, the problems show up months after the roof is repaired. Roofing issues due to poor workmanship can be handled and fixed only by a professional and certified roof repair company like Hestia Home Services. Our roof repair services are meant to prolong the life of your roof and provide you the best roofing solutions at the best price, regardless of the extent of damage to your home.

Don’t Let a Leaky Roof Ruin Your Sleep, Contact Us Today!

If you notice any sign of damage in your roof or are worried about your roof’s condition, get in touch with us for workable solutions that will take care of your roof and minimize your investment in repairs. Do you want to know what it will cost to do the repairs? Simply fill out our online form to request a quote today!

What Hestia Home Services Clients Say:

“Their customer service from beginning to end is top notch and was definitely the reason we decided to hire them. They stood out above others by a mile in this department. The estimate was presented in person and explained in detail what was going to be done. During the repair/construction phase the Project Manager (Brian) ALWAYS answered my calls or responded to emails within an hour. He also often popped in to check in on the job. They exceeded our expectations in this department. They made sure that the work was done right, and they were responsive to any concerns or questions that we had.”

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