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Houston roof inspection BBB A+ rated logo Roof inspection is normally a process performed during the sale or purchase of a home. However, it’s also something that should be a part of your regular roof maintenance routine. Your roof is one of the largest structures of your home and is vulnerable to weather damages.

While in many cases, the damage is not obvious at first, it can get worse over time. And, more severe damage means more expensive repairs. If you’re a homeowner looking for trouble-free maintenance of your roof, Hestia is the contractor for you.

Roof Inspection to Keep Your Houston Home Safe and Secure

At Hestia, all our roofing services are solutions are aimed at making your roof system safe and secure. We understand the importance of top-quality roofing solutions for homeowners and that’s what we are committed to offer you.

From our initial inspection to subsequent repair or complete roof replacement, our team is highly skilled and experienced to carry out thorough assessment of your roof’s condition. This will help you anticipate even the smallest damage and address them before they snowball into bigger problems.

A roof inspection is especially critical if your building has suffered a bad storm. This is when you need to act fast before you are no longer able to file an insurance claim. A roof inspection not only addresses the potential roofing troubles but also gives you an edge with the insurance claim process.

Our roof inspection services are designed to assist you in a well-rounded manner — from inspection of your roof’s current condition to guiding you towards the right direction with expert advice and proper solutions.

What’s Included in Our Houston Roof Inspection Service

Hestia Home Improvements roof inspection services help us identify the issues with your roof system at an early stage. This allows repairs to be done in a timely manner, eliminating your roofing troubles and putting your mind at ease. The service we offer includes:

  • Evaluation of current condition of your entire roofing system
  • Identifying conditions which could cause a future leak or serious damage
  • Checking flashing and waterproofing around roof transitions, HVAC units chimneys, vents, and skylights
  • Suggesting possible repairs that would be necessary

We not only inspect the overall condition of the roof, but also keep our eyes on the smallest signs of damage. We note all roof problems and provide repair recommendations. Our Houston roof repair experts provide estimates to complete any repairs.

If you want your roof to withstand the onslaughts of nature and remain in a good condition for years, it’s necessary to get roof inspections done at regular intervals. For expert roofing solutions and roof inspection services, contact us.

What Hestia Home Services Clients Say:

“Their customer service from beginning to end is top notch and was definitely the reason we decided to hire them. They stood out above others by a mile in this department. The estimate was presented in person and explained in detail what was going to be done. During the repair/construction phase the Project Manager (Brian) ALWAYS answered my calls or responded to emails within an hour. He also often popped in to check in on the job. They exceeded our expectations in this department. They made sure that the work was done right, and they were responsive to any concerns or questions that we had.”

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