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Roof problems can be a big hassle and rob you of your sleep, if they go out of hand. Many homeowners ignore small roof issues, which leads to expensive repairs and even replacement later. Regular maintenance of roofs by experienced roofing contractors such as Hestia Home Services. We can help to keep your roof in top shape for many years to come. Call the Houston TX BBB A+ rated residential roofing pros today!

★★★★★ HomeAdvisor Review

“They did an amazing job, very professional, polite, did excellent work and always with a smile on their face’s.”

“They were on time, finished when they said they would, very trustworthy, and did a excellent job.”

★★★★★ BBB Review

“The workers do very professional work and got the job done in a timely manor with no discomfort to me. i was completely satisfied with the completed job and would recommend them to anyone needing some work done on their home.”

★★★★★ HomeAdvisor Review

“He is very good and professional, does excellent quality work, and I would highly recommend him to all.”

“Very friendly, on time, did a great job, cleaned up everything, and I’m very happy with the results.”

Houston residential roofing BBB A+ rated logo At Hestia, we provide complete residential roofing solutions for every make of roof. We advise our customers to carry out the necessary repairs at the right time so that the problem does not escalate. Whether it is wood shake, concrete tile, slate, metal/steel or asphalt, the expert roofing specialists on our team with over 20 years of experience, can repair any roof problem you may be facing.
We are a leading BBA A+ roofing contractor in the Houston area. We excel in roof repair and roof replacement services for homes, and are known for our high standard of work.

We repair shingles, flashing, gutters and masonry using the best-in-class tools, while our skilled and experienced roofing experts carry out repairs efficiently. We understand the difficulty that a damaged roof can cause to your family. This is why we work on fast turnarounds to fix your roof as soon as possible.

Extend the Life of Your Residential Roof

Hiring us as your roofing contractor can make a huge difference to your roof’s durability. Our expert workmanship, the latest tools we use, and the knowledge gained in 20 years — all of these factors combine to ensure that the roof we build or repair will last for years.

We value your investment, both financial and emotional, and understand that replacing your roof is a big decision for you. We help you with insurance claims too so that you get your roof repaired without having to spend too much money..

What Hestia Home Services Clients Say:

“Their customer service from beginning to end is top notch and was definitely the reason we decided to hire them. They stood out above others by a mile in this department. The estimate was presented in person and explained in detail what was going to be done. During the repair/construction phase the Project Manager (Brian) ALWAYS answered my calls or responded to emails within an hour. He also often popped in to check in on the job. They exceeded our expectations in this department. They made sure that the work was done right, and they were responsive to any concerns or questions that we had.”

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