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Houston kitchen flooring project done by Hestia.

Houston Kitchen Flooring

Houston Kitchen flooring has to be low-maintenance but should look great too. Being the most high-traffic zone in your home, the kitchen floor has to withstand foot traffic as well as oil, food and wine spills. In Houston, we recommend kitchen flooring which is durable, easy to maintain, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. Before hiring a custom kitchen remodeling contractor check your flooring options.

Here are some Houston kitchen flooring options you can choose from:

Wood Flooring – Wood exudes that classic warmth, feels good under foot and the good news is, your wooden floors these days can withstand water stains and heavy traffic.

Tile or Stone – With ceramic tiles, you can have colorful, patterned floors with decorative borders and designs. Besides being beautiful, stone flooring is durable too.

Limestone – This natural stone gives a vintage look, but needs to be sealed while installing and then sealed twice every year.

Cork – Cork is versatile and durable, and comes in many colors. It reduces noise impact and has water resistant properties. It is also anti-microbial, which repels pests and insects – a great choice for kitchen.

Vinyl – It is extremely resilient and is available in many colors and styles, in either sheet or tile form. Plus, it is cost-effective as well.

Concrete – Concrete flooring can be used in kitchens mainly because of its high resistance and durability. Different finishes such as polish, stain and stencil can be given to transform the material from boring to interesting.

Rubber Flooring – Rubber flooring is available in many textures and colors. It is anti-slip and cushy underfoot. You can buy this flooring in tile or sheet form. Recycled rubber flooring is an eco-friendly and cost-saving option you may consider.

Carpet Tiles – Carpet flooring in the kitchen is an unconventional choice. Hence you can use a few carpet tiles for just the dining area. The best part is: Carpet tiles can be removed and washed.

Laminate Wood Flooring – Laminate is durable and affordable Houston kitchen flooring. You can install a thin layer of foam sheet under the laminate to turn it into ergonomic flooring.

As an essential component of your kitchen, the flooring must be chosen with care. As a leading Houston home improvement contractor, we assist you in selecting the right flooring. Because keeping in mind the kitchen design and the environment of the place where you live.