Spruce Up Your Outdoors with Houston Backyard Makeover

Your backyard can be transformed to a gorgeous living space where you can wine and dine in style. Because backyards are now extensions of homes. And no longer a place where you just had barbecues, or maybe grew a vegetable or two. They are now landscaped spaces, where you can have an amazing patio made from stone, brick or concrete. Because of this, you can set up a grill by your fire pit, throw a party or simply relax.

The top Houston backyard makeover & renovation firm can implement the following landscape features for you:

Build a Stunning Patio

Hestia Home Improvement Contractors can build a custom patio for you using, flagstone, brick or concrete, helping you choose the right material which can withstand the Houston weather. An impressive patio can be made by mixing different materials, such as stone and brick.

Wood Deck and Fire Pit

A gorgeous fire pit and an elegant wood deck can completely transform your boring lawn to a luxurious outdoor space. Because our excellent workmanship is unmatched. And because we meticulously work to hand you an exquisitely crafted wood deck and fire pit.

Outdoor Lounge

An outdoor lounge offers alternate seating when you have company, when the weather is perfect.

Permeable Garden Paths

Garden paths can be made from permeable hardscapes to decrease water runoff and allow rainwater to soak through to the ground. This is great for plants as well as the environment.

Backyard Colors – A combination of brick and natural stone can create a wonderful color pattern. Concrete stain also offers a range of colors you can choose from.

Water Feature – The soothing sound of a waterfall is relaxing and therapeutic. We can create a one-of-a-kind water feature in your backyard. Thus enabling you to enjoy the peace and calm of nature, right in your own backyard.

Gazebo – A gazebo, complete with tables, benches and mood lighting can be a permanent space where you can entertain in your renovated backyard.

A Houston backyard makeover specialist can renovate your backyard to transform it into a functional, charming outdoor space. This making it a truly valuable asset for your home.