Bedroom renovation - Hestia
Bedroom renovation done by Hestia Home Services.


Bedroom remodeling project - Hestia
Bedroom remodeling project by Hestia Home Services.

Bedroom Remodel Project

Carpets could be difficult to clean and could heavily harbor lots of allergens; by doing a bedroom remodel with us we guarantee that we could provide you everlasting natural beauty and durability. Hardwood flooring is a stylish, versatile, and never outdated look that should never depreciate the value of your home. Here are some more reasons to consider getting hardwood flooring for your bedroom remodeling project.

Hardwood Floors are Easy to Maintain

Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors are a healthier option compared to carpet. According to the American Lung Association, wall-to-wall carpets collect and holt dirt, pollen, and other particles that are difficult to vacuum; thus, your bedroom’s air quality will be tremendously healthier for you. Preventing all possible allergens is easy compared to cleaning carpet where they heavily harbor dust which require deeper cleaning. In fact, this makes it not only a good investment in your home, but a good investment if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

The Best Home Investment

We assure you that doing a hardwood bedroom remodeling project with us will give you a look that will last a lifetime. Hardwood floors are always reusable and could be stained, painted, or replaced; thus, making them a very eco-friendly option! Not only will it be cost-efficient in your home’s overall, but hardwood flooring will be very affordable with us and our bedroom remodeling experts when doing a bedroom remodeling project.


Hardwood floors are timeless, stylish, durable, easily maintainable, eco-friendly, healthy, and overall a great investment with us and our bedroom remodeling experts. All of these great perks for doing a hardwood floor remodeling project with us becomes even better as you are getting the best affordable prices within the Houston area.