kitchen remodeling ideas

10 Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Looking for kitchen remodeling ideas? The kitchen is a place in the home where people spend a considerable amount of time daily. Whether to quickly grab a cup of coffee on the way out in the morning or relaxing in the evening to enjoy dinner with the family, it’s the…

Bathroom remodeling design drawing.

6 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Small Spaces

Is your small bathroom cramping your style? If so, you’re in the right place. This article will give you some cool bathroom remodeling ideas that will transform your small bathroom into a beautiful, clean and fresh and a relaxing place. With the right space-saving tips, a splash of stunning accessories,…

bathroom remodeling ideas

8 Great Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Searching for inspirational bathroom remodeling ideas? Why not embrace modern designs and innovative technologies to make your bathroom remodel a success. Many of us like our restrooms to be low maintenance, energy efficient, and bright and inviting. After all, a fresh start to the day will result in joy and…

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Kitchen Cabinets Hot Trends

It’s hard to imagine a beautiful kitchen with outdated kitchen cabinets. After all, they are often the first thing people notice.

Completed room addition leading to patio

Trendy Room Additions

Room additions are a practice that’s garnering massive popularity. Homeowners are opting to stay in their current homes, instead of moving.

Photo showing the latest bathroom remodeling trends

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Are you a homeowner in Houston TX looking for the latest bathroom remodeling trends? Hestia Home Services is Houston’s go to resource.

Hot home remodeling trends patterns, materials, & color swatches

Hot Home Remodeling Trends

Looking for the latest & greatest hot home remodeling trends? Bathroom & kitchen projects are where most homeowners think first.

Modern kitchen sink

Timeless Kitchen Remodeling Trends

If you’re planning to give your kitchen a face lift in the New Year. Then knowing some of the timeless kitchen remodeling trends is a must.

Storm chaser remodeling contractor warning sign

Storm Chaser Remodeling Contractors

When the storm chaser remodeling contractors come calling after a major storm like Hurricane Harvey it reminds us of the old just say no ads.

Painter showing cost to remodel your kitchen sign

Cost To Remodel Your Kitchen

Hestia Home Services goes through a simple process of how to calculate the cost to remodel your kitchen in 2017. Read more here…

Hail damaged roof

Hail Damaged Roof Tips

A big storm can result in a hail damaged roof and in Houston Texas big storms come early & often so read Hestia’s tips on hail damaged roofs.